Roni Horn, MY OZ 


This book is published on the occasion of the first museum exhibition of Roni Horn's work in Scandinavia, held at the Reykjavik Art Museum's Hafnarhús from May 11 to August 19, 2007. Roni Horn has been a regular visitor to Iceland since the mid-1970's. She has traveled around the country more than most Icelanders and sought inspiration in its unspoiled nature. She has struck a core with the Icelandic audience, both as an artist and an advocate for the natural environment. Like the exhibition, this book is a general look at her oeuvre, with particular emphasis on her intimate connection to the country.  

  • Softcover 
  • 117 pages 
  • Illustrated 
  • Language: English 
  • Published: 2007 
  • Publisher: Reykjavík Art Museum 
  • Size: 23 cm x 25 cm 
  • Weight: 534 g

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