Jóhannes S. Kjarval, Af trönum meistarans 1946–1972 


This book was published on the occasion of the exhibition "Af trönum meistarans 1946–1972" at Kjarvalsstaðir in 1999. 

During this period, Kjarval's position as one of the nation's leading artists was undisputed. Nevertheless, he kept busy and constantly surprised people with his art, along with his effectiveness in his work during the last decades of his life. His relentless interest in and support of all innovations in the visual arts is no less remarkable. Kjarval did not rest on his laurels while there was still work to be done, therefore the paintings he made after the age of eighty still carry with them the freshness and the artistic freedom that characterize his best work ever. 

  • Softcover 
  • 48 pages 
  • Illustrated 
  • Language: Icelandic 
  • Published: 1999 
  • Publisher: Reykjavík Art Museum 
  • Size: 19 cm x 26 cm 
  • Weight: 230 g

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