Exhibition catalog about Iðavöllur Writings exhibition and the fourteen artists who showed their work. The theme of the exhibition is the creative power contained in the work of the artists. 

Iðavöllur is the title of the Reykjavík Art Museum exhibition in Hafnarhús in 2021. It is borrowed from Völuspá and occurs twice in the poem. Iðavöllur is the place where the gods meet when the world is constructed and then reassemble at following Ragnarök to build a new world. 

  • Softcover 
  • 144 pages 
  • Language: Icelandic, English 
  • Published: 2021 
  • Publisher: Reykjavík Art Museum 
  • Size: 21 cm x 29.9  cm 
  • Weight: 811 g

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