D34 María Dalberg: Buzz

D34 María Dalberg: Buzz

D34 María Dalberg: Buzz



María Dalberg (b. 1983) is the 34th artist to exhibit in the D-Gallery series which started in 2007. 

María finished an M.A.-degree in Fine Art from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2016. She has participated in over thirty exhibitions and film festivals in Europe and in America.

She works with video installations, sound, photographs, drawings and text. Experiments with different textures in video and other media is central to her practice. 

Recent exhibition projects include Moscow Biennale for Young Art (2016, curated by Nadim Samman), Alt Cph09 Alternative Art Fair in New York (2010, curated by Kling&Bang), Oberhausen Film Festival (2010, curated by Hilke Doering) and exhibitions at Bergens Kunsthall and Photogalleriet in Oslo (2008, curated by Maya Økland and Hilde Jörgensen).

The series in Gallery D at aims to give promising artists a chance to hold their first solo exhibition in a public art museum and direct attention to new and exciting currents in the art world..

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