Örn Ingi, Life’s PLAY-fullness

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Life’s PLAY-fullness is the result of a retrospective exhibition of Örn Ingi Gíslason’s (1945-2017) artworks in the Akureyri Art Museum in January 2019.  
The book’s design reflects the artist himself, who first worked in a bank before becoming an artist. It is covered with gold leaf, which symbolizes light and the value one gives to freedom and creativity. Each time someone opens the book, Örn Ingi’s soul takes off and flies! 

  • Editor: Halldóra Arnardóttir, Art Historian. 
  • Printed copies: 200. Each one is numbered and stamped with Örn Ingi’s signature. 
  • Hardcover, 400 pages with a number of images from the artist‘s life and work, a great selection of artworks. 
  • Size: 30x25 cm 
  • Language: Icelandic. Some articles in English and Spanish. 

Örn Ingi Gíslason (1945-2017) chose unparalleled paths in his art. He was a self-educated artist and became influential as a teacher. He held enumerable solo and group exhibitions, i.e. in the Nordic House Reykjavík, Kjarvalsstaðir, Hafnarborg and Gerðuberg.

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