On purpose: Iceland University of the Arts Degree Show 2021

On purpose: Iceland University of the Arts Degree Show 2021

On purpose: Iceland University of the Arts Degree Show 2021



Dozens of BA students in the Departments of Fine Art from Iceland Academy of the Arts fill the halls of the Reykjavík Art Museum - Hafnarhús with works that reflect learning, research and artistic creation during the last three years. 

Text from the curators:
The process of molding an idea into shape is a journey that requires a certain courage and boldness. The path is seldom clearly marked and the destination is never fixed, if it is even there to begin with. However, this makes the trip all the more thrilling.

Boundaries are expanded and new routes are explored. Curiosity, resourcefulness and sheer determination have now brought each of these graduates to a milestone, having finished a degree which has provided them with a range of opportunities and means to explore ideas and develop their skills.

The Iceland University of the Arts Degree Exhibition 2021 presents the final projects of more than seventy students from the Art, Architecture, and Design departments at BA level, together with the MA Design programme. The ideas explored are diverse, and each individual's approach is unique. In here you’ll find a fragrant book, a national uniform for a new sport, a rat searching for the cheese of life, a sound mirror and a perfect moment. Some works invite you to search for love, explore perception in space or the visualisation of overthinking.

Others look for new realms of color or ways to reuse synthetics, give insight into the stories of sailors or propose new settlements on Viðey island.

The works presented don’t provide simple solutions or easy answers. Instead, they offer fresh perspectives on what we thought we knew – and in some cases cast us into the unknown. We encourage guests to take a deep breath, open their minds, and enjoy the harvest.

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Una Björg Magnúsdóttir, Birgir Örn Jónsson, Signý Þórhallsdóttir