Parallel Universes - Ingi­björg Jóns­dóttir

Parallel Universes - Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir

Parallel Universes - Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir



The age-old question of the nature of time is interwoven with the inquiry into the origin of the universe. These topics of philosophy and science seem to grow increasingly complex, despite all the progress of the 20th century. Our incomprehension becomes ever more explicit.

These questions and our bewilderment provide the inspiration for the woven sculptures of artist Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir.

Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir (b. 1959) graduated from the Icelandic College of Art and Handicrafts in 1980. She furthered her studies in Mexico (1978-79) and at the School of Decorative Art in Copenhagen (1983-84). She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in her native Iceland, Europe, and the United States. With this installation, Jónsdóttir explores human conceptions and experiences of time and space, using materials and methods from the world of weaving..

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