New Acquisitions 2006 – 2010

New Acquisitions 2006 – 2010

New Acquisitions 2006 – 2010



Donations and purchases of artwork have brought about the major part of the 800 works which have been added to the collection of the Reykjavik Art Museum in the last five years. A part of the new acquisitions  will be presented in view of the purpose of the exhibition, which is in part to be a reminder of the importance of developing and preserve the museum‘s collection. The enormous collection that has come about in the last five years is divided in the way that purchased works count for 270, art donations 495 and donations by inheritance 35.

The works are by 94 different artist but Erró‘s donation is the largest by far, counting  366 works in total. Other large donations are works by Brian Griffin and Mel Ramos. Curated by Hafthor Yngvason.

North Gallery
Why collect artworks?
An educational, family-oriented open workshop in the North Gallery in conjunction with the New Acquisitions’ exhibition. Groups are welcome but need to make reservations in advance by


Saturday 20 November 3 p.m.
Kjarvalsstaðir - New Acquisitions 2006–2010
Gallery talk with Hafþór Yngvason, director of Reykjavik Art Museum. Sunday 5 December 3 p.m.
Kjarvalsstaðir – New Acquisitions 2006–2010
Symposium New Acquisitions.

Moderator Jón Proppé Philosopher and art critic..

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