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Mojoko & Shang Liang: Reactive Wall

An interactive installation, Reactive Wall is a statement made by artist Mojoko and software programmer Shang-Liang, on the dependency of today’s visual culture and technology. Since the advancement of television and computer, we have used them as avenues to distribute, and to encounter countless graphic messages. Graphics that are devoured widely are also spewed out quickly, into a sea of popular culture.

The piece gives participants control over a couple hundred of images, which are taken from a gigantic collection of creations from modern western and eastern cultures.

By making sound through a microphone, a stream of still images erupts into a void. The result is a temporal digital-collage with characters taken from cartoons and anime, comics, and commercials.

Steve Lawler adopted Mojoko as his pseudonym in 2005 as a reaction towards excessive use of digital media. He launched his interactive design career at Diesel HQ, before extending his career into curation, installation and interactive design, and fine art.

In 2005, Shang-Liang started his programming career in the advertising industry, and began exploring interactive installations with Processing and OpenFrameworks in 2009. His first collaboration was with Mojoko.

Currently, they both live and work in Singapore.

Overview photos: 
Pétur Thomsen

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