IUA Graduation Festival




At the 2024 graduation exhibition of Iceland University of the Arts, over 70 students from the Departments of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture will show their work.

The students grapple with, amongst others, redefining the multigenerational home; examining the demonization of natural phenomena; whether it is possible to make haute couture clothing from Icelandic wool without even using a sewing machine; experimenting with new tools in order to communicate information visually; and finding the sublime in the malign in these precarious times. The projects reflect their studies, research and artistic creation over the past few years. Together, the graduates face the challenges of our day – light and dark, cold and warmth – and the results herald good news.

In the calm of winter, as the sun is rising or setting, mother-of-pearl clouds can sometimes appear as streaks of light and spectacular colour dotting the sky. These (Nacreaous) clouds consist of many tiny ice crystals that gleam with an iridescent opalescence, even as the world below may be dim. The ice crystals bend the sun’s light to varying degrees and the result is reminiscent of a floating oil slick, a shimmering pearl, a shiny seashell or glittering sugar; the cloud is white, but it is also yellow, red, green and blue. Colourful amorphous blobs traveling through the stratosphere, settling only on earth when caught by the lens of a camera, providing a sense of wonder to all through social media. Their glow charms the beholder but can also be interpreted as a harbinger of intense news, such as a harsh winter or concerning levels of warming.


Exhibition opening

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Performance – Endless beginning; dripper

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Performance – HAHA

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Melanie Ubaldo (fine art), Rúna Thors (product design), Ragna Sigríður Bjarnadóttir (fashion design), Adam Flint (graphic design), Birta Fróðadóttir, Bjarki Gunnar Halldórsson og Anna Kristín Karlsdóttir (architecture).