The Icelandic Love Corporation

The Icelandic Love Corporation

The Icelandic Love Corporation



Since the Icelandic Love Corporation was established in 1996 it has influenced the number and diversity of performance art in Iceland.

Over ten years of works by The Icelandic Love Corporation (ILC) is gathered for its first retrospective exhibition. Although a decade is not a long time, ILC has already built up an international reputation, performing in cities such as Helsinki, Copenhagen, San Francisco, New York, Warsaw, and Tokyo. Yet The ILC remains a steadfast presence in Iceland and has become a distinctive voice in the practice of performance art.

The ILC’s works are consistently receiving attention from the public, and gaining popularity among younger artists and art students. At the same time, the group retains an “underground” identity as its actions and objects do not yield to easy interpretation. The works of The ILC captivate their viewers with an ironic charm that is equal parts ingenuity and seduction. They harness the mundane and fleeting moments of our everyday lives and have made them brilliant and extraordinary.

Curator: Fee Quay..

Images of exhibition