Erró – Dolls

Erró – Dolls

Erró – Dolls



The year 2009 will be dedicated to the Erró Collection, an invaluable gift presented to Reykjavik City in 1989 by the artist himself. Hafnarhús will host special exhibitions and various happenings over the year. The exhibition Erró – Portrett presents his portraits or characters descriptions of well known individuals in the fields of science, politic, literature and arts.

A part of the works will be on permanent show while others changes regularly with a emphasis on special themes such as Monsters (May 28 – August 30), Japanese Love letters (Sept. 3 – Dec. 31) and then Dolls, Astronauts and Women from N-Africa. A lavish catalogue will be published in connection with the exhibition. Curator: Danielle Kvaran.


Portraits PRÉFACE Hafthor Yngvason. (En français)](

Sunday 29 November 3 p.m. Hafnarhús – Erró – Portrait
Science historian Þorsteinn Vilhjálmsson gives an introduction to the scientists and engineers in Erró´s works.

Sunday 13 December 3 p.m. Hafnarhús – Erró – Portrait
Sigfríður Björnsdóttir music historian leads gests through the world of famous composers in Erró´s paintings, and plays music samples..

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Danielle Kvaran