D44 Claire Paugam: Attempting the Embrace n°31

D44 Claire Paugam: Attempting the Embrace n°31

D44 Claire Paugam: Attempting the Embrace n°31



In her exhibition Claire Paugam presents a view of a grand landscape. With a city bench in the middle of the gallery space, it resembles an observation platform and the landscape might seem as an existent view. However, things are not always as they seem.

Shapelessness, entropy and the feeling of letting go are recurring themes in the artist’s works. For this exhibition Claire contemplates the connection between body, landscape and nature, asking questions like; Where do we place ourselves within/against the landscape? Where does the body end and the landscape begin? In her work, Claire is preoccupied with such in-between conditions; what is outside and what is inside, what is and what is not, using visual analogy as a tool to express her thoughts and imagination.

Claire Paugam was born in France in 1991 and is currently based in Reykjavík. Since graduating from the Iceland University of the Arts' MA program in 2016, she has exhibited in various art institutions in Iceland and abroad. While primarily focusing on her own multidisciplinary practice, Claire is a part of an artist duo which creates installations and stage designs. She is the recipient of the Motivational Art Prize 2020 delivered by the Icelandic Art Prize and a board member of The Living Art Museum.

Claire Paugam is the 44th artist to exhibit her work in the D-hall exhibition series at Reykjavík Art Museum since 2007, a venue where up-and-coming artists in the Icelandic art scene hold their first solo exhibition in a public museum..

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