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"The Borg exhibition involves a draft plan for a new city of a million inhabitants. Borg represents an idea for an urban community that I believe would benefit both Iceland and the Icelandic people. I think it fitting to use Borg (lit. Metropolis in modern Icelandic) as the name for this new municipal plan, since it was also the name of the first farmhouse in Borgarfjordur which built by the early Icelandic settler Skallagrímur Kveldulfsson in the ninth century.

The areas I have chosen to use for Borg are in Borgarfjordur, and on the north coast of the Snaefell peninsula, both in western Iceland. These areas contain all the fundamental necessities needed to sustain life, in other words clean air and more than enough water. A particular feature of this area is that it also contains a great deal of hot water, but at the same time has the advantage of being less likely to be troubled by geological disturbances than many other areas in Iceland. The natural landscape of Borgarfjordur and Breiðafjordur contains a wide variety of environments. Furthermore, agriculture has flourished here for centuries and the fishing from this area has always been good. It is also possible to produce and use more energy here than has been done up until this point. These are only a few of the reasons for why this area is not only desirable but also ideal for the site for a new world city."

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Umfjöllun fjölmiðla pdf: 
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