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Aim XI

The imagination has been the most powerful toy of boys of all ages through the millennia. Thus bones and shells have become cows and sheep, pieces of wood have become ships and airplanes, and simple shapes of metal have turned into mysterious, futuristic machines and tools to conquer the world. Everything has spurred boys on to imagine something even more exotic and amazing.

In time, most people find an outlet for their interest in machines and tools in reality, and the last few decades have presented us with a cornucopia in this respect; giant jeeps, sailboards and other unusual transport devices have a devoted following, that never tires of changing, enhancing, strengthening and finding new use for these toys of joi de vivre. Technology-mania is now a recognized lifestyle.

Helgi Hjaltalín og Pétur Örn Friðriksson have worked together to bring this interest into the field of art. This they have accomplished by building wondrous machines of different kinds; transports for near-impossible terrain, machines and tools of doubtful use, and engines that can hardly serve their purpose.

The usefulness of these things may be limited, but the "aim" of Helgi and Pétur seems more than anything to be travel - be it the trip of a video camera down a mountain slope or the movement of various transportation devices, powered by the imagination. These creations convey both a joy of life and prankishness, an almost boyish delight in what can be achieved, and the travels that can be made.

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