Kristín Mort­hens

Kristín Morthens

Kristín Morthens (b. 1992) graduated with a BFA in Fine Art from OCAD in Toronto, Kanada in 2018. She explores the boundaries of narratives and materials through paintings and sculptures. Her paintings deal with boundaries, intimacy and seperation through narratives of limb-like figures in abstract spaces. These subjects often perform a gesture of almost-touching, reaching out or pulling in, either toward themselves or between each other. The focus of physicality is repeated through layering techniques using materials such as oil, spray paint, dry pastels, sand and charcoal. The contrasting surfaces highlight notions of boundaries and materialism. Kristín‘s solo exhibitions include Gegnumtrekkur for Þula, Reykjavík(2021), Introducing Kristín Morthens for Christopher Cutts, Toronto(2019), and I Followed a Spiral, It Felt Like a Loop, Angell Gallery, Toronto(2019). Morthens' work has been shown at CHART Art Fair, Art Miami, Art Toronto and Foire Papier. She works between Reykjavík and Toronto.


Vitamin D