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Lukas Bury myndlistarmaður.
22. February 2021 - 13:00 to 16:00
Event location: 

Zimowa przerwa szkolna 2021: Herosi i siła – darmowe warsztaty w Hafnarhús.

LET’S PLAY ART: Eyborg Op-Art Workshop
16. March 2019 - 13:00 to 15:00
Event location: 

Open workshop for the whole family where creative and fun projects can be created, whether it be in the spirit of Kjarval or in connection to Eyborg Guðmundsdóttir’s exhibition – Circle, Square and Line.

No Man‘s Land: Guided tour for families. Photo: Anna Guðmundsdóttir.
8. September 2018 - 11:00 to 12:00
Event location: 

Guided tour for families through the exhibition No Man‘s Land – Where Beauty Alone Reigns? at Reykjavík Art Museum Hafnarhús.

31. May 2020 - 13:00
7. June 2020 - 13:00
14. June 2020 - 13:00
21. June 2020 - 13:00
28. June 2020 - 13:00
5. July 2020 - 13:00
12. July 2020 - 13:00
19. July 2020 - 13:00
26. July 2020 - 13:00
9. August 2020 - 13:00
Event location: 

Come and have a quality time with your family in an educational and entertaining participation exhibition in connection with Ásmundur Sveinsson's work. A unique opportunity to create memories as well as playing and learning at the same time.

Imagine Peace Tower illuminated
9. October 2019 - 17:45 to 21:00
Event location: 

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER on Viðey Island will be illuminated for the 13th time in a beautiful ceremony on Wednesday October 9th at 20:00.

Playing with Art: Winter program and workshop
12. October 2019 - 13:00 to 15:00
Event location: 

Free entry at the winter program presentation and workshop.

Let's Play Art: Gilbert & George family program
16. January 2021 - 11:00
Event location: 

Family program in relation to the exhibition Gilberts og George: THE GREAT EXHIBITION. 

Only 5 families are able to attend the event and registrered families are in priority.

Gallery Talk for Families
21. March 2020 - 13:00
Event location: 


Reykjavik Safari: Cultural walk in 6 languages
11. July 2019 - 20:00
Event location: 

Would you like join a free cultural walking tour in English, Polish, Spanish, Filipino, Arabic or Lithuanian, listen to Greek café music and mingle with other Reykjavík world citizens?

Gallery Talk: Untitled – contemporary art for beginners
4. October 2018 - 20:00
Event location: 

Reykjavík Art Museum offers a Gallery Talk for beginners through selected exhibitions at Hafnarhús.

The event takes place in Icelandic. Free with admission.

Symposium – Magnús Pálsson
23. November 2019 - 13:00 to 15:00
Event location: 

The symposium is held in relation with the exhibition SOMETHING from NOTHING: The Visual Realm of Magnús Pálsson.

Participants will discuss various aspects of the artist´s career and will the symposium end with a panel.

Let's Play Art: Family Program
10. April 2021 - 11:00
Event location: 


Children are expected to be accompanied by adults, and it is good to have looked at the exhibitions beforehand with the children.

Free entry for children under the age of 18.

Skuggaleikur – örnámskeið fyrir  6-9 ára
22. February 2021 - 9:00 to 12:00
23. February 2021 - 9:00 to 12:00
Event location: 

Mini-workhop for 6-9 years old in relation to the exhibition Sigurður Árni Sigurðsson: Expanse at Kjarvalsstaðir.

The course is free of charge but registration is necessary:

Gallery Talk: Untitled – contemporary art for beginners
3. May 2018 - 20:00
Event location: 

Reykjavík Art Museum offers a Gallery Talk for beginners through selected exhibitions at Hafnarhús.

The event takes place in Icelandic. Free with admission.

Eggert Pétursson´s sketchbook
9. February 2020 - 14:00
Event location: 

Curator Talk with artist and curator Eggert Pétursson on Kjarval's exhibition Can't Draw a Harebell.

In Icelandic. 

Free entry with admission.

Imagine Peace Tower Illuminated
9. October 2021 - 20:00
Event location: 
Viðey island

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, artwork by Yoko Ono, on Viðey Island will be illuminated for the 15th time in a beautiful ceremony on Satuday October 9th at 20:00.

Guðný María Höskuldsdóttir
7. August 2022 - 11:00 to 13:00
Event location: 

Workshop for adults in connection to the exhibition Stitches and Threads with Guðný María Höskuldsdóttir who leads the workshop of needlework and embroidery where everybody brings their own work. 

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Sun & Sea

Imagine a beach. The burning sun, sunscreen and bright bathing suits and sweaty palms and legs. Tired limbs sprawled lazily across a mosaic of towels. Imagine the occasional squeal of children, laughter, the sound of an ice cream van in the distance.

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Tryggvagata 17
Kvöldgöngur safna í sumar




School Group Visiting hours:

Monday – Friday from 8.30-16.30

Be in touch:

Tel. 411 6400

Please note that school groups must be booked at least one week in advance.

Here you can book a visit and guided tours for schools of all levels. All bookings are subject to current Covid-19 restrictions

The school comes to the museum

Reykjavík Art Museum is located in three different buildings - Hafnarhús on Tryggvagata, Kjarvalsstaðir on Flókagata and Ásmundarsafn on Sigtún.

We offer free guided tours for students of all school levels for all of our exhibitions. At each visit we aim to create a platform where each and every student has the chance to take part in a discussion based on their experiences. We can easily adapt to the needs of each group, offer a general guided tour of our exhibitions or even a public artwork.

Each year, the museum puts up many exhibitions featuring works across different time periods. The visual arts are put into context as one of the many ways to explore the world around us. Art has an important role in society and education. Examining the visual arts develops critical thinking and our ability to engage in healthy discourse, which are important lessons to learn for young minds. Goals related to this can be found in the main curriculum for all school stages, the culture policy for the City of Reykjavík and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Therefore it's a given right for children of all ages to experience and enjoy art on their own terms corresponding to their age and development.

We welcome school groups of all ages that want to visit the museum, with or without guidance from museum staff. We do ask, however, that every group books their visit in advance. Our staff can receive groups every weekday from 08:30 to 16:30. The maximum number of students allowed in each group is approximately 25 students. A visit to the museum with a guided tour takes around one hour, but can be adapted to the needs of the individual group. Museum staff will present selected works from current exhibitions, encourage discussions and even present the students with accessible assignments related to the exhibitions. Before your visit it is good for us to know if and how the group is prepared, requests for emphasis on specific topics or certain portions of your curriculum.

Art comes to the school

Elementary schools can request a specially curated travelling exhibition on loan. The exhibition consists of two chests that open up into a small exhibition area. These moveable units can be set up in a classroom or an open area in the school. For ease of transport the chests are outfitted with wheels, they are 180cm tall, 70cm wide and 165cm long when closed. When opened they fold out into an area of circa 8m2 and contain around 8-10 works of art (originals).

Schools can choose between two exhibitions with related assignments. Along with the exhibitions, we offer a presentation by museum staff along with tasks for school staff.

Travelling exhibitions are delivered to elementary schools in Reykjavík free of charge. Other schools outside of Reykjavík can request the exhibitions, but will be required to pay a delivery fee. Presentation by museum staff is free of charge within the capitol area. The exhibitions are available for a period of one week up to a month.


Vinsamlegast bókið flökkusýningar hér.

Instructional video on how to book a school group. (currently only in Icelandic)