The final day of the group exhibition Women’s Time – Here and Now Thirty Years Later is Sunday 29 November.

The idea behind the exhibition is to reunite over twenty women who participated in an exhibition named Here and Now at Kjarvalsstaðir in the autumn of 1985.

Áki Ásgeirsson composer turned 40 this year and celebrates by a special concert at Jaðarber at Hafnarhús on Wednesday 11 November. Performers are Páll Ivan frá Eidum, Sunna Ross, Ásthildur Ákadóttir and Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir.

The concert starts at 8 p.m. and is free.

The book Jóhannes S. Kjarval: Drawings will be published on November 7th. The Reykjavík Art Museum marks the occasion with a book launch at Kjarvalsstaðir at 3 p.m. that day, when the book will be on sale at a special promotional price. The event is open to all.


On the occation of Iceland Ariwaves Music Festival, holders of Airwaves bracelets get 20% discount of the museum‘s admission fee during the festival. The admission ticket is valid the same day to all the Reykjavik Art Museum‘s locations: Kjarvalsstaðir, Hafnarhús and Ásmundarsafn.

Erró, Sirra Sigrún Sigurðardóttir, Ólöf K. Sigurðardóttir og Dagur B. Eggertsson

Artist Erró awarded today Sirra Sigrún Sigurðardóttir prize money and recognition from the Guðmunda S. Kristinsdóttir fund, for her contribution in the field of art. The award ceremony took place at the opening of the exhibition The Making of Erró at Reykjavík Art Museum – Hafnarhús.

Erró, Big Sabartes, Stór Sabartes, 1964

Erró’s formative years between 1955 and 1964 are the subject of the exhibition The Making of Erró, which will be opened at Reykjavík Art Museum – Hafnarhús on Saturday 31 October at 4 pm.

During winter vacation in elementary schools in Reykjavík, adults accompanied by children get free admission to Reykjavík Art Museum, from 23-27 October. There are various exhibitions at Hafnarhús, Kjarvalsstaðir and Ásmundarsafn and entertaining program for kids.

Yearning for Space, 2015.

The exhibition Yearning for Space will open in Ásmundarsafn on Friday, October 16 at 6 p.m., with works of Ásmundur Sveinsson (1893–1982), Gerður Helgadóttir (1928–1975), Jón Gunnar Árnason (1931–1989), and Sigurjón Ólafsson (1908–1982).

Kathy Clark: bears; truths... / Erró and Art History

The final day of the exhibitions Erró and Art History and bears; truths... by Kathy Clark at Hafnarhus is Sunday 19 October.