Reykjavík Art Museum chosen the best art museum in Reykjavík


Grapevine has chosen Reykjavík Art Museum the best art museum in Reykjavík this year. This is the fifth time that Reykjavík Art Museum gets this recognition from Grapevine. Grapevine says: “ This year’s winner is no big surprise, having swept this category for the past several years. Yup, we’ve once again determined The Reykjavík Art Museum to be the top art museum in Reykjavík, due greatly to the fact that it resides in not just one but three branches across the city. While Hafnarhús often receives the bulk of the attention for its location, impressively modern building and host of many cultural events, our panel was particularly vocal about Kjarvalsstaðir, located right in Klambratún park. “Their permanent collection is incredible and they have many large spaces. You can always count on seeing something good there,” one argument went. “It’s a great place to take kids because they have a great drawing corner and lots of space,” our parent-panelist also noted. Ásmundarsafn also didn’t go ignored as one of the best off-the-beaten-path museums to visit. For upholding high curatorial standards and forward-thinking exhibits in all its locations, this museum takes the cake.”