Last days of the exhibitions Two Strong Women and Vertical / Horizontal at Kjarvalsstaðir

Samsett mynd

Sunday 30 August is the last day of the exhibitions, Júlíana Sveinsdóttir and Ruth Smith: Two Strong Women and Textile art by Júlíana Sveinsdóttir and Anni Albers: Vertical / horizontal at Kjarvalsstaðir. The exhibition Two Strong Women comprises about ninety works by Júlíana Sveinsdóttir and Ruth Smith – oil paintings and drawings, which include landscapes, still lifes and portraits. The exhibition Vertical / horizontal  shows textiles by Júlíana Sveinsdóttir  alongside the works of the German Bauhaus weaver/artist Anni Albers, (1899–1994) who was one of the most influential weavers of the twentieth century.

A new group exhibition will be opened at Kjarvalsstaðir in Saturday 12 September. The name of the exhibition is Women’s Time – Here and Now Thirty Years Later. The idea behind the exhibition is to reunite over twenty women who participated in an exhibition named Here and Now at Kjarvalsstaðir in the autumn of 1985. The works in this exhibition span a range of methods, media and ideas.