Last days of the exhibitions Let Beauty Rule! and Floral Fantasy

Last days of the exhibitions Let Beauty Rule! and Floral Fantasy.

The last day of the exhibitions William Morris: Let Beauty Rule! and Sölvi Helgason: Floral Fantasy at Kjarvalsstaðir is Sunday, 6 October.

The English artist, William Morris (1834–1896), was an artist, thinker, author and social critic who greatly influenced his time and left a visual heritage and ideology which continue to influence us today. Morris’s connection to Iceland is interesting, he visited the country twice during his career, in 1871 and 1873. Morris was greatly affected by his visits to Iceland, the landscape and the culture fascinated him. He is said to have considered himself a man of the north, as was evident in his incessant interest in Icelandic literature, but also in his unpolished appearance.

Sölvi Helgason (1820-1895), or Sólon Íslandus as he also called himself, is indisputably Iceland’s most fascinating folk artist; a charismatic outsider both in his life and in his art. He was a rover, a scholar and an artist, but also a capricious eccentric who disobeyed the law of men and was hence punished with imprisonment.