Last days of the exhibitions Bout and Human Disguise at Hafnarhús

From the exhibitions Bout – four bouts of video works and Human Disguise at Hafnarhús.

The last day of the exhibtions Bout – four bouts of video works and Human Disguise by Ragnar Þórisson at Hafnarhús is Sunday, 7 May.

BOUT – play, performance, record and tale
BOUT is an extensive project where a large part of the animated works in the Reykjavík Art Museum collection will be put on show. The title refers to the works being exhibited in four different bouts, each one lasting around four weeks. Each bout has its own theme which is based on the approach and subjects of the artists. The themes in question are play, performance, documentation and storytelling.

Human Disguise
The paintings by Ragnar are the result of years of experiments where he typically paints people set in neutral surroundings. He displays his models in an ambiguous manner, immersed in an atmospere of mysticality. Large, multi-layered colour fields are mixed together with fine pencil drawing. The works are equivocal, suggestring a subtle movement in time and space, so it seems that the artist is attempting to grasp something other than what is visible to the plain eye.