Last days of the exhibition God, I Feel So Bad by Ragnar Kjartansson

Síðustu sýningardagar á Guð, hvað mér líður illa eftir Ragnar Kjartansson í Hafnarhúsi.

The last day of the exhibition God, I Feel So Bad by Ragnar Kjartansson is Sunday, 24 September. After a successful series of international appearances in recent years, including major survey exhibitions on both sides of the Atlantic, Kjartansson has opened his first museum show in his homeland, Iceland.

Kjartansson’s work takes over the museum building, providing a fascinating insight into the multilayered world that he has constructed. Many of the works have never before been exhibited in Iceland, notably the more recent ones which have insured the artist’s place as a leading figure on the international art scene. Furthermore, some intriguing and rarely seen early works will be on display.

The durational performance Take Me Here by the Dishwasher - Memorial for a Marriage​, now on view, is the third and last performance of the exhibition. The performances consists of ten musicians, singing and playing the guitar during the museum's opening hours. A video projection comprised of a three-minute loop is playing behind them, featuring a soft-focus love scene between a man and a woman set in a kitchen. The clip is from the first all-Icelandic full-length feature film, Morðsaga (Murder Story) from 1977, and the actors in the scene are Kjartansson’s own parents. Family lore has it that the artist was conceived at the time the film was shot. 

The exhibition is supported by GAMMA.