The Icelandic Lighthouse is lit again

Claudio Parmiggiani, 1943, The Icelandic Lighthouse, 2000, by Sandskeið.

Reykjavík Art Museum is dedicating the year 2019 to public art! And we are bringing artworks that grace our everyday physical world into focus in digital spaces. We will devote seven days to one public artwork at Public Art This Week with its information and images.

To start Public Art This Week, we set the spotlight on The Icelandic Lighthouse by Claudio Parmiggiani.
Travellers driving on Route 1 by Sandskeið may not have noticed that a lighthouse stands by the highway. We have finally ignited the light in it, which LED technology has enabled us to revive the artwork into better condition and integrity.

The City of Reykjavik installed The Icelandic Lighthouse at Sandskeið in Hellisheið to mark its acknowledgement as one of the European Cities of Culture in 2000.