The final day of the exhibition Looking In – Sculptures and Models is 3 January

Katrín Sigurðardóttir, Boiserie, 2010.

The exhibition Looking In – Sculptures and Models by Katrín Sigurðardóttir, will be closed down in B and C galleries at Hafnarhús on 3 January. This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to look into the creative world of the renowned Icelandic artist and observe her working process from conception to completed work of art.

Two major works, recently acquired for the museum’s collection, are included in the exhibition, both carrying a strong signature of Katrín’s oeuvre. One of them, Boiserie, was commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a subject of Sigurðardóttir’s solo exhibition at the museum in 2010. The work is a polyhedral chamber, which guests experience by looking through mirrors decorating the room.

The maquettes on view span a 10-year period from 2004-2015, and are an important documentation of the artist’s process, spatial vision and approach, as well as the development from one project to the next. They are a distinctive addition to the artist’s archives at the Reykjavík Art Museum. The works preserved in these maquettes are an example of the type of contemporary art that exists within a bracket of time and space and many of the works are primarily known in documentation and critical writings.

Katrín Sigurðardóttir (b.1967) is recognized as one of Iceland’s most notable artists, and her work appears in reference book of today’s most significant international artists. 
This is Katrín’s fourth exhibition at the Reykjavík Art Museum.

The exhibition Back to the Sandbox: Art and Radical Pedagogy will be opened at Hafnarhús on 15 January.