Exhibition Opening – Tak i lige måde: Contemporary Art from Denmark

Exhibition Opening – Tak i lige måde: Contemporary Art from Denmark.

Four well-known Danish artists show their work at the exhibition Tak i lige måde: Contemporary Art from Denmark, which will be opened at the Reykjavik Art Museum in Hafnarhús on Friday evening 23 February at 20h00. The participants from Denmark are Jeannette Ehlers, Jesper Just, John Kørner and Tinne Zenner.

Jesper Just will attend the opening and will be in conversation about the exhibition and his works with curator Markús Þór Andrésson, in Hafnarhús at 21h00 on the opening night.

This year a hundred years have passed since Iceland became a sovereignty, marking the country's way to independence from Danish rule. Reykjavík Art Museum commemorates this watershed by inviting the Danish artists to exhibit their works in the museum. Things are presently stirring in Danish art, not least because of a changed worldview in the political and social realm. This unrest is reflected in all art creation and guests will get an insight into it in new works from our friends and former masters.

Today, Denmark is a multicultural society where people of different backgrounds live together. Many Danish artists reflect these parts of the country´s history and present them in their work. Among other things, their topics are connected to ideas of late colonialism, migration, the nation's identity and borders. Now when Icelanders celebrate becoming free from Danish rule, a unique opportunity arises to contemplate these pressing issues.

Zenner and Just, as well as the other artists participating in Tak i lige måde address pressing issues, in both a historical and contemporary context. Ideas of independence, nationality, image, freedom and sovereignty echo a world image in constant revision. The artists reference their own experiences and family history, or do research, travel and investigate.

Mette Kjuel Nielsen, Ambassador of Denmark in Iceland opens the exhibition.