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Our Art: Installation by Ívar Valgarðsson


The Installation, Kjarvalsstaðir (BYKO - the exhibition) by Ívar Valgarðsson, received a very good vote in Reykjavík Art Museum's selection game this spring. It got a total of 181 votes and was in 12th place amongst the highest-scoring artworks.

Due to the nature of the installation, which takes up the entire East Gallery of Kjarvalsstaðir, it could not be included among other works in the Our Art exhibition. It was therefore decided to give it space for one extra exhibition weekend. Ívar's installation was shown at Kjarvalsstaðir in 1991 and attracted a lot of attention from both visitors and critics.

From the exhibition catalog from the 1991 exhibition:


My whole attitude is shaped by the tangible environment.

All content has a defined role.

All colors and shapes have a direct reference to reality and have their origin there.

My works are made of ready-made material units that only have references to their own nature and reality.

Form and arrangement are determined by the ideas I have about such materials.

Repetition is an emphasis and a certain percentage is sufficient.

I reject permanent content creation. Nothing is permanent, not even attitudes.

I avoid an emotional approach to the works, fingerprints, massages, rivets, and reject personal expression.

Colors are very important, that's why I use very little of them.

Artists have responsibilities.

- Ívar Valgarðsson



Kjósendur á Betri Reykjavík

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Events related to exhibition

4. November 2023 - 14:00
5. November 2023 - 14:00