6. November 2021 - 10:00 to 12. November 2021 - 17:00

Youth Art – Short Film Screening: In My memory

Youth Art – Short Film Screening: In My memory
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This event is a part of Youth Art (Unglist) which is an art festival where young people aged 16-25 are in the spotlight and takes place from 6 to 20 November 2021 in Reykjavík. Reykjavík Art Museum is a partner of Youth Art.

Í minnum mínum (e. In My memory)is an experimental short film screening by the artists Tryggvi Kolvid Sigtryggsson and Tjörvi Gissurarson. The short films are based on stories from different individuals and are shown in small wooden huts. An exhibition of Í minnum mínum takes place in Reykjavík Art Museum Hafnarhús and will be open from 6 to 12 November during the museum's opening hours. Free entry.

Tryggvi Kolviður Sigtryggsson is a young filmmaker. Last winter he worked for the Danish film production company Holocene Studios. Recently, he has been helping to produce IKEA commercials as well as filming a Swedish short film.

Tjörvi Gissurarson is a musician who has been involved in music creation since a young age. In recent years he has worked independently and published under the artist name Smjörvi. He is now part of Spectral Assault Records.

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