9. April 2019 - 10:00 to 14. April 2019 - 17:00

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Children’s Culture Festival: Various programme
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Adventure Palace in Breiðholt

Children’s Culture Festival 2019

Free entrance to adults accompanied by children from 9-14 April in all the buildings.


9-12 April from 10-17h00
Is art maths? – Is maths art?
Reykjavík Art Museum and Landakotsskóli

During the week of the Children’s Culture Festival, students from Landakotsskóli visit the museum and work with the connection between mathematics and art, based on the exhibition of Anna Guðjónsdóttir. The students experience the work of Anna, which is an installation based on the interplay between a two-dimensional, painted surface and a three-dimensional actual space. The product of this work will develop throughout the week and form an artwork which will be on show in the museum during the festival.

Friday, 12 April from 13-14h00                          
The opening of Landakotsskóli’s exhibition in the multipurpose space in Hafnarhús

13-14 April from 10-17h00                    
An exhibition of the results of the work from the Landakotsskóli visits

The exhibition is open during museum opening hours.

9-14 April from 10-17h00                       
Erró’s Early Works – Second floor

During the Children’s Culture Festival, there will be a unique exhibition of works from Erró’s youth on the second floor in Hafnarhús. There you can see his paintings and drawings from the age of eight, when he lived at Kirkjubæjarklaustur, until his teenage years.

Saturday, 13 April from 13-15h00
Let’s See: Explore – Observe – Play – Smudge – Build

Open experimental workshop where designer and visual art teacher Guðný Ragnarsdóttir leads visitors of the Children’s Culture Festival in exploring form and material, building, attaching and pasting sculptures in the spirit of the current exhibitions in the building.


9–14 April
Sound Power – Motive Power
A collective exhibition of Vogaskóli, Sæmundarskóli and Kelduskóli Vík

The exhibition Sound Power – Motive Power is a collaborative project between three schools from different neighbourhoods in Reykjavík; Vogaskóli in Vogahverfi, Sæmundarskóli in Grafarholt and Kelduskóli Vík in Grafarvogur. The content of the exhibition is based on the energy in our environment and how it affects our perception, visually, with sound and movement. The exhibition’s subject and the content of the works is a dialogue with one’s environment. The viewer’s experience is individual and interactive, because the guests become a part of the force which moves the works.

During the preparation, sound artist Finnbogi Pétursson visited students in the schools and discussed with them his own work and theirs. In his work, Finnbogi has worked in a unique fashion with perception and the effect of sound on material such as water and light.

Art instructors Guðrún Gísladóttir in Vogaskóli, Vilhelmína Thorarensen in Sæmundarskóli and Vilma Björk Ágústsdóttir in Kelduskóli – Vík oversaw the students’ work and the exhibitions were installed in collaboration with the museum.

The exhibition is open during museum opening hours.

9-14 April from 10-17h00
Animals and Odd Creatures
A Children’s Art Exhibition from Dalskóli
Students from Dalskóli exhibit various odd creatures in Reykjavík Art Museum – Kjarvalsstaðir. Large, small, gentle or vicious. Come if you dare! The exhibition is open during museum opening hours.

Art instructor Edda Ýr Garðarsdóttir supervised the student’s work and the exhibition was installed in collaboration with the museum.

The exhibition is open during museum opening hours.

Tuesday, 9 April from 17-19h00
Opening of the exhibitions Sound Power – Motive Power and Animals and Odd Creatures

Sunday, 13 April from 12-15h00
Let’s See – Outdoor Faces – Sculpture Workshop

Artist Halldór Ragnarsson leads an outdoor art workshop at Kjarvalsstaðir during the Children’s Culture Festival. All children are welcome to participate in creating an interesting outdoor face sculpture. This year is the year of outdoor art at Reykjavík Art Museum. The workshop will most likely take place outdoors.


Sunday, 14 April from 13-15h00
Let’s See: Kira Kira – Prisma Poetry

The composer Kira Kira (Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir) leads children and their families in a bright and calming meditative experience amid the force that resides in the works of Ásmundur Sveinsson in the exhibition “Under the Same Sky”, using music, dialogue and improvised mantras. Visitors get a chance to perceive Ásmundur’s sculptures in a new and warm way – in a diverse experience of the forces of visual art, music and being together. A magical experience for the whole family.

Adventure Palace - Breiðholt

Saturday, 13 April at 11h00
Family Cycling Adventure with Fun Guidance around Outdoor Art in Breiðholt

During the Children’s Culture Festival, Reykjavík Art Museum invites families on a fun, guided cycling tour, in collaboration with Hjólafærni á Íslandi (Cycling Skills in Iceland). The tour sets off from Ævintýrahöll (Adventure Palace) in Gerðuberg at 11:00 and takes in the outdoor artworks in Breiðholt, but the year 2019 is the year of outdoor art at Reykjavík Art Museum.

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