19. August 2023 - 15:00

Their Art: Marentza Poulsen and staff of Klambrar bistro

Marentza Poulsen. Mynd: Árni Sæberg fyrir Morgunblaðið
Event location: 

Inside the exhibition Our Ar is a block where small exhibitions will be set up under the name Their Art. There, the museum invites its partners and regular visitors over the years to select artwork and present it at the exhibition. 

Marentza Poulsen and her colleagues at Klambrum Bistro in Kjarvalsstaður have made their selection, and Marentza will give a guided tour at 15.00.

Guest curators are Klambrar bistro, Bræðurnir Baldursson, Hlutverkasetur, Iceland Dance Company and students from Víkuskóli.

The mini-exhibitions last just over a week each and are spread over the exhibition season.