7. April 2018 - 14:00

Tak i lige måde: Conversation – Jeannette Ehlers, Tinne Zenner and Kristinn Schram

Artworks by Tinne Zenner and Jeannette Ehlers.
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Conversation with artists Jeannette Ehlers and Tinne Zenner, together with ethnologist Kristinn Schram.

Reykjavík Art Museum commemorates the centennial of Iceland’s independence and sovereignty by inviting Danish artists to exhibit their work in the museum. The exhibition title, Tak i lige måde (thank you, likewise), reflects the multifaceted relationship between the two nations.

Ehlers and Zenner will present their work and Schram will talk about Iceland‘s position towards Denmark during colonial times and in the present. Jeannette Ehler‘s works reflect the Danish triangular trade across the Atlantic between Denmark, the Caribbean and the Gold Coast. The Danish West Indies received tens of thousands of enslaved Africans. There they were forced to make produce, such as sugar, rum and coffee, that was shipped to Denmark and other places. In her work, Ehlers addresses this chapter in the history of Denmark’s past as a colonial power. In Tinne Zenner‘s new work, we get an insight into the lives of people in the city of Nuuk in Greenland, surrounded by snowcovered mountains and glaciers. A text is read in Greenlandic, explaining cultural friction between the native inhabitants and the Danish colonialists. The text offers an insight into the different functioning of languages and the power embedded in them.

Kristinn Schram is lecturer/assistant professor in Folkloristics/Ethnology at the University of Iceland. He received his Ph.D. in Ethnology from the University of Edinburgh in 2010 after which he conducted postdoctoral research at the Reykjavík Academy, the Icelandic Centre for Ethnology & Folklore and the University of Iceland. He was director of the the Icelandic Centre for Ethnology & Folklore (2008-2011) and the Centre for Arctic Policy Studies (2012-2015). His research focuses on mobile people and contested constructions of the North in relation to national, cultural and gendered identities and transnational interaction. Kristinn also conducts and coordinates research, publications, events and networks on Arctic discourses, their practice and relationship in policy-making, society and culture in the North.
The conversation will take place in English. 

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