7. September 2019 - 16:00

Snorri Ásmundsson: Sana Ba Lana

Snorri Ásmundsson: Sana Ba Lana
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The saint Master Hilarion, embodied in the artist Snorri Ásmundsson, offers a meditation session in Egilshöll. The gathering marks the beginning of a road he will carry out on social media and on the internet. The performance Sana Ba Lana speaks to Snorri's earlier works that often extend beyond the traditional space of art and into the general, political, religious and social sphere.

His works are often presented in the form of public events - interventions and actions - in which the artist overturns the recognized values of society and enters fearlessly into various roles of hierarchy. It is worth remembering when he served for altar in Hríseyjarkirkja, volunteered for the president of Iceland, and founded the Left Right Revolution political party.

Sana Ba Lana is a part of the exhibition Autumn Bulbs which hosted by the Reykjavik Art Museum outside the walls of the museum buildings. It presents a revision of what is often called public art, art in public domain, outdoor art or statues around town. Five artists present new works that appear in diverse and innovative ways throughout Reykjavík and in the common space that contemporary technology offers. These are performances, interventions and happenings of various kinds. Instead of physical sculptures, monuments, or other permanent environmental works, the exhibition Autumn Bulbs focuses on works that are more or less created in intangible media and manifested in the here and now.

Artists in the exhibition include: Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir, Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir, Curver Thoroddsen, Snorri Ásmundsson and Þóranna Björnsdóttir. Please, follow the exhibition schedule on the museum's website, http://artmuseum.is/events, and on social media. The year 2019 is the Year of Public Art at the Reykjavík Art Museum, and the exhibition is part of that context, along with more exhibitions, events and public programming.

The exhibition is supported by the Icelandic Visual Arts Fund.

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