3. February 2023 - 19:00
3. February 2023 - 21:00

Reykjavík Art Group 2023 – Forward: HOFIE V

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Museum Night 2023 in Hafnarhús!

On museum night, the Reykjavík Art Group 2023, Forwards Youth dance company, will perform the piece HOFIE V by Linde Rongen in the Reykjavík Art Museum. Shows will be at 19:00 and 21:00.

"Day by day the years are passing through a circular movement at a scale that goes beyond our understanding. A constant movement that sets the rhythm of your life, of my life. Might the orbit
of the moon be our only physical reference to our conception of time?
In this work the dancers will explore an atmosphere where the orbit of a lamp is their only perception of time. Creating a movement scape in which we invite the audience to be present with the dancers. HOFIE is a character frame, a feeling, an aesthetic that one as a performer can become. “

“The body continues without the soul and emotions, when the music ends they come back together, as the soul and emotions were at rest.” - Hafey (dancer)

* As an audience member you will be on the stage with the dancers, please be mindful of the dancers and the space they need in order to perform. The facilitators present during the performance will guide you into the space, if any questions feel free to ask them. Chairs and pillows available.

Choreographer: Linde Hanna Rongen
Light Design: Aymeric Duriez
Rehearsal assistant: Júlía Kolbrún Sigurðardóttir
Music: HOFIE III: ORBIT (album) by Linde Hanna Rongen
Photograph: Patrik Ontkovic

Álfheiður Karlsdóttir
Assa Davíðsdóttir
Bergþóra Sól Elliðadóttir
Bryndís Ólafsdóttir
Diljá Þorbjargardóttir
Freyja Vignisdóttir
Hafey Lipka Þormarsdóttir
Kristína Rannveig Jóhannsdóttir

The FWD Youth Company is a program for young dancers (18-30 years old) and is the Reykjavík art group of the year. The dance group practices regularly and with diversechoreographers. Over the years, Forward has participated in numerous events and festivals in
Iceland as well as abroad. Forward was nominated for “Sproti ársins” in Gríman 2022.

The collaboration between Linde and Forward is part of the project SKISSAN, managed by Dansgarðurinn, aiming to give young dancers and new choreographers the opportunity to train, support and develop side by side.

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