22. July 2021 - 18:00 to 19:00

Plates on display: Fine (Art) Dining

Plates on display: Fine (Art) Dining
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Plates on display is a one day experimental exhibition, organized by MÁL/TÍÐ, exploring the meaning of food and art within each other’s spaces, on Thursday, 22 July at 18-19.00 at the Lounge on 2nd floor at Hafnarhús.

Food and art have always been strongly tied, with food being portrayed in art, art decorating walls in restaurants, restaurants becoming a standard within museums and food being used as a medium by artists. What if we mix the two worlds even more? Book a table today in our pop-up restaurant, serving paintings instead of meals in a special tasting menu curated just for you!

Pengruiqio and Pola Sutryk invite you to explore art in a restaurant-style environment, hoping to encourage your own reflections on similarities and distinctions between art and food and their institutions.

Please feel welcome to stay for conversations with us afterwards! 

The event is free of charge, but registration is required on  info.maltid@mail.com. Please note in the registration in case of intolerance or allergy and vegan option is available if requested before 20 July.

Pengruiqio is an artist with Chinese and British background now living in Reykjavik. Graduated with BSc Pure Mathematics, is an artist with poetic logic. Her work focuses on, but not limited to painting, sculpture objects and digital photography. 

Her first solo exhibition was “Edible Inedibles” at Ekkisens gallery in Reykjavik, 2015, began a journey of exploring the relationship of food and art. Since then had expanded to various mediums and developed unique ways of painting.

In 2019 Pengruiqio was in an artist residency in the rural mountains of China, Fuzhou, being an apprenticeship to a lacquer master for a period of two months. Encountering this ancient and difficult material had changed but inspired her ways of approaching artworks, cultivating rather than producing, giving away more control to nature, like the way you have to live in Iceland.

Pola Sutryk is part of MÁL/TÍÐ collective and a chef working with foraged ingredients and traditional home cooking techniques from around the world. She transfers the aesthetic and ecological sensitivity she had developed growing up in the wild region of eastern Poland into the area of culture and cuisine. Her main field of activity is cooking, understood as a meeting, as well as the process of energy transformation. The process carried out with respect for all its participants; those who cook, those who eat and those who are eaten.

Using food to create connections, she’s collaborating with artists, brands and institutions on creating edible events.

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