29. January 2022 - 10:00

New exhibition – Birgir Andrésson: As Far as the Eye Can See

New exhibition – Birgir Andrésson: As Far as the Eye Can See
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As Far as the Eye Can See is a varied and extensive overview exhibition of the works of visual artist Birgir Andrésson (1955-2007) that takes over Kjarvalsstaðir.

Birgir Andrésson was a leading force in Icelandic art for more than thirty years, and died long before his time. Birgir searched the well of Icelandic culture, stories, traditions and the nation's handwork for inspiration. He drew elements from these sources and presented them in a uniquely informed way in works that secured his place in Icelandic art history and drew admiration from the international art scene.

This exhibition gives insight into the artist's influential career and connects his works not only to the local art scene, but to  contemporary art internationally. More than a hundred works are displayed, including those from the collection at Reykjavík Art Museum, The National Gallery of Iceland, The Living Art Museum and The Metropolitan Museum in New York, and from private collections.

The exhibition is curated by Art Historian Dr. Robert Hobbs.

Parallel to the exhibition, In Icelandic Colour, a newly-published book in English that explores Birgir Andrésson's life's work and includes an essay by Hobbs will be released.