18. April 2023 - 10:00 to 23. April 2023 - 17:00

Memory of a Glacier

Event location: 

Students at Hagaskóli show the results of research related to glaciers in Hafnarhús during the Reykjavík Children's Culture Festival 2023.

Reykjavík Art Museum invited the 8th grade class at Hagaskóli to visit Hafnarhús, where students viewed the exhibition Down Иorth: North Atlantic Triennial, under the guidance of a museum teacher, and then worked artistically on site from their experiences with artist María Sjöfn Dupuis. Subsequently, they continued their research with their teachers, Brynja Emilsdóttir and Hjörný Snorradóttir at the school.

The exhibition is the result of collaborations, primary school students, teachers and artists, connecting the arts and natural sciences, under the umbrella of the Artistic Call to Nature (LÁN). Reykjavík Art Museum has opened its doors to young artists at the festival each year, and this is the second time that the museum and LÁN have worked together on exhibitions in connection with the Reykjavík Children's Culture Festival.

LÁN is an interdisciplinary development project by Ásthildur Jónsdóttir and the Reykjavík School and Recreation Department. The project connects natural sciences and the arts with sustainability and environmental awareness in focus. Emphasis is placed on getting to know nature issues in a creative and innovative way, using the methods of art and crafts in collaboration with artists, designers and scientists. The aim of the project is to strengthen students' self-image, critical thinking and belief in their own abilities. The project promotes innovation and the professional development of teachers with emphasis on creative teaching methods. The project supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and increases young people's interest and awareness in natural science and sustainability.

Free entrance for adults accompanied by children during the festival.