6. May 2023 - 15:00

Knowing the Ropes 2 - Booklaunch

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Knowing the Ropes is an ongoing, collaborative project by Brynhildar Pálsdóttur, Þuríðar Rósar Sigþórsdóttur og Theresu Himmer. The project studies the Rope as craft and bearer of cultural/structural meaning  by producing research, material investigations and experimental objects.

First chapter of the project was presented in 2021 as an exhibition at Reykjavik Art Museum and the  first book in a series which launched at the Nordichouse as part of Designmarch.

The second chapter began as an exhibition at Hallwylska Museet as part of Stockholm design week earlier this year, and continues in May with the launch of the project's second book at Reykjavik art museum as part of Designmarch

While the first book mapped out the project's foundation including oral histories on rope - and net-making, the second book takes the project further into the realm of the premodern domestic interior and its hidden infrastructures of technology. Reflecting on the architecture of the Hallwyl Museum and its founder Wilhelmina von Hallwyl, the publication includes commissioned texts, a visual essay and documentation of experiments and new objects.


Book design and publishing: Ironflag

Retouch: Nicetouch Studio

Photos: Benita Marcussen, Vigfus Birgisson

Commissioned texts: Henriette Noermark, Kirsten Rykind-Eriksen, Maibritt Borgen, Gustaf Kjellin

Upholstery: Malene Soenderlev


The project is generously supported by Nordisk Kulturfond, Hönnunarsjóður, Statens Kunstfond, Myndstef

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