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Iceland Academy of the Arts Graduation: Guided tour through the park - Agnes Ársælsdóttir

Event location: 

Please walk on the grass and watch your step.
Step out of Kjarvalsstaðir on the southern side and you will find the public park Klambratún with all the peculiar plants that grow there.
Guests are invited on a guided walk through the garden where they will get to know the plants in a personal way.
They will also get a chance to walk in the shoes of birch trees, explore the habitat of field grass and hear stories about the diverse relationships between small and tall plants.
Guests that miss the tour are encouraged to go and sightsee on their own. Just remember to walk on the grass and watch your step.
Guided tour through the park every day at 15.00 while the exhibition is open.
The walk takes half an hour.


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