11. November 2022 - 10:00 to 23. November 2022 - 17:00

Horse Inside Out - sculptural installation

Wunderland: Horse Inside Out
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Horse Inside Out by Wunderland  is an immersive sensorial experience consisting of a sculptural installation, in which an audience participatory performance takes place. The sculpture is large enough for one person to move in through a crack and travel through several rooms where a voice and a body guide and meet the audience participant.

Language: English

Duration: 15 min.

Booking HERE

Price: Admission is free

Age limit: From 15 years and up

Accessibility: The experience is unfortunately too difficult for people with walking disabilities

When arriving af Hafnarhus, go to The Multipurpose Room and confirm your booking at a tablet at the entrance of the room.

Wunderland (DK) has been working with immersive, highly bodily participatory and interactive performances since 2007. Wunderlands performances are amongst others taking place at harbours, inside ships, clubhouses, in the forests, at old people’s homes, abandoned buildings and art museums. Researching our perceptions of reality, Horse Inside Out is an art-and -research project, which has developed for several years and traveled from Denmark to Finland and Iceland. The purpose is to observe and study how the meeting with immersive, sensorial art can change the audience’s perception of themselves and their reality, and maybe even give them access to deeper layers of conscious awareness.


Audience participation and sense stimulation

Horse Inside Out is a sensorial experience consisting of a sculptural installation, in which an audience participatory performance takes place.

You enter barefoot and alone through a slit in the organic shaped installation. Your eyes adjust to the dark. Soft and rough shapes meet your skin. You breathe in air, redolent with heavy, spicy scent. There are hints of animal and otherness. You are encouraged to take time, more and more time. 

You find your own balance with the soft moving ground beneath your feet. In the next chamber you are met by a performer, so similar to you, and yet... a stranger? -  a part of your herd?  - a shadow of yourself?

“When we interact with our body and senses, we experience ourselves and the connection to others differently – it causes a transformational, sometimes even revolutionary effect on our perception of reality. The experience invites an intuitive, associative inner state with access to the subconscious and mythological layers in us.

 Mette Aakjær, artistic leader of Wunderland.


Artistic Team

The work is created by Wunderland in a collaboration between:

  • Mette Aakjær (artistic director of Wunderland, visual and sensorial concept maker and performer, DK)

  • Mona Møller Schmidt (set designer, DK)

  • Thoranna Bjørnsdottir (composer, IS)

  • Sonja Winckelmann Thomsen (writer, DK)

  • Amanda Axelsen Sigaard (mask and costume designer assistent set designer, DK)

  • Amanda Vesthardt (assistent set designer),

  • DimsOs (technical interactivity, DK).

  • Jesper Lyng (booking system)


The project consists of 3 parts in 3 nordic countries. In each country we collaborate with a museum/gallery and a university.

Denmark: Interacting Minds Centre and Faculty of Communication and Art, Aarhus University and ARoS Art Museum

Finland: Education in Dance and Somatics, ISLO and AHJO Gallery

Iceland: Arts and Education, Iceland University of the Arts and Reykjavik Art Museum