25. March 2023 - 15:00

Exhibition opening – Kaleidoscope: Icelandic 20th Century Art

Jón Stefánsson, Hraunteigar við Heklu, 1930
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On Kjarvalsstaðir fiftieth anniversary, the exhibition Kaleidoscope – Icelandic Art in the 20th Century  will be opened.

The exhibition gives an insight into Icelandic art during the last century through the part of our cultural heritage that is preserved at Reykjavík Art Museum. The exhibition contains around two hundred pieces from the museum collection and is divided between the East and West Hall, in the year 1973, when Kjarvalsstaðir opened as a museum. The year also marks a certain turning point in Icelandic art history, as it was a time when the linear progress of modernism gave way to the avant-garde multi-story telling. The exhibition contained works by many of Iceland’s foremost artists, works that are well-known as well as others that have rarely been displayed and will surprise many.

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