1. October 2022 - 16:00

Exhibition Opening – Guðjón Ketilsson: Jæja

Exhibition Opening – Guðjón Ketilsson: Jæja
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Artist Guðjón Ketilsson has explored many ways over the period of his extensive career. He has made sculpture a priority, but drawing also plays a major role in his artistic creation. Prominent in his work is the emphasis on craftsmanship, as his works are known for their artistry, ingenuity and devotion. The body is there at the center, and its extension through clothes and tools, as well as habitat and other things in its immediate surroundings. Guðjón communicates this with an effective interplay of presence and absence, materiality and emptiness, surface and content. Language is also an important factor, less in terms of the meaning of the words, and rather connected to the world of symbolism, where the context of single and different symbols conjures up a coherent meaning.

At a mid-career retrospective of Ketilsson, one can expect to see sculptures composed of found furniture that he has treated in his own unique way, refined wooden sculptures that resemble obsolete objects in a folk museum, high-precision drawings of buildings in Norðurmýri (a neighborhood in Reykjavík), a collection of detritus he has collected in his walks and arranged in one piece, and clothing - all kinds of clothing carved in wood, such as shoes, loincloths and hats.

Guðjón Ketilsson is the sixth artist selected to participate in the Reykjavík Art Museum's exhibition series at Kjarvalsstaðir, where the careers of key figures in Icelandic art life are reviewed. 

Curator is Markús Þór Andrésson.