28. January 2023 - 15:00

Exhibition opening – Erró: Cunning Scissors

Erró Cunning Scissors invite
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The exhibition Erró: Cunning Scissors opens on the second floor of Hafnarhús on Saturday, 28. January at 15h00. 

Throughout the exhibition, it is possible to trace Erró’s commitment to collage as a step to creating other artworks, and a means to continue to narrate unexpected stories. Collage has formed the basis of Erró’s artworks for over sixty years, beginning early on with his Meca-Make-Up series in 1959-60, and resulting in more than 30,000 collages today. Through collecting, cutting, pasting and then painting Erró has freely mixed and quoted found material, transforming it into dynamic, striking and jarring visual collisions. In doing so he lends new meaning to the abundance of images that can be gleaned and culled from history, current events, world influences and our everyday lives.

Since 1989, Erró has donated more than 700 collages to the Reykjavík Art Museum, a considerable collection and national treasure that continues to grow. Following the recent update to collages in the Erró collection, this exhibition presents these works alongside others that span the entirety of his vibrant art career.

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