15. June 2023 - 20:00

Exhibition Opening - D48 Dýrfinna Benita Basalan: Langavitleysan - Cronic Pain

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Welcome to the opening of the  48th exhibition in the D-Gallery exhibition series that started in 2007 and invites emerging artists who are contributing to the development of the local contemporary art scene to hold their first solo exhibition in a public museum.

Dýrfinna Benita Basalan (b.1992), also known as Countess Malaise, is born and raised in Iceland. In 2018 she graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie with a B.A. in Art and Design and has had and active artistic practice and worked across various media. In her practice she draws inspiration from different countercultures, manga, queer culture and her personal experiences as a mixed race person. Dýrfinna is one of the three members of the art group Lucky 3, along with Melanie Ubaldo and Darren Mark, who won the motivational award of the Icelandic Art Prize in 2022. Dýrfinna’s recent exhibitions include Tempered(UwU) at Þula gallery and Life Lessons at Listval Grandi. Lucky 3‘s recent exhibitions are Lucky Me? at Kling & Bang and PUTI at Sequences X.

The D-Gallery exhibition series started in 2007 

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