23. March 2017 - 20:00 to 26. March 2017 - 17:00

DesignMarch - FÍT 2017

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The Association of Graphic Designers hosts the 17th annual Graphic Design Awards. Icelandic graphic designers and illustrators submit their best work from 2016. The exhibition is a very good indicator of what’s happening in graphic design in Iceland. Free entrance. 

Drawings and prints by Tryggvi Magnússon originally published in Rafskinna (a window ad-board in Austurstræti) that Magnússon ran from 1935–45. Magnússon left behind a sizable catalogue of stamps, book covers, postcards and the official Icelandic coat of arms.

Variations on Doughnuts
Works inspired by irregular patterns on a wall at a friend’s house. Textiles and prints that depict objects such as Icelandic doughnuts, ropes, inflammation in muscles, and ice cream. The works serve as a reminder of the beauty of everyday life.

Aliens is the subject matter of an exhibition of 40 posters by 40 illustrators of what the idea of Aliens means to them. This is the third consecutive year the group participates in DesignMarch.

Mæna 8
Mæna is a design magazine published annually by third year students in Design and Architecture at Iceland Academy of the Arts. "Imperfection" is the theme for this year and evident in the choice of content, design and layout.

Venetian Carnival
An exhibition of a recent series of adventurous prints from watercolor artwork by Íris Halldórsdóttir. The series, called “The Venetian Carnival”, is comprised of six animals dressed up in harlequin patterns and magical accessories of the medieval Venetian Carnival. 

A considerable part of the designer’s job is to sell his ideas. For this exhibition designers were asked to dig into their folders and find designs they really liked themselves but were respectfully declined by the client. Photographer, Ari Magg, captured the misunderstood bunch for the exhibition.

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