18. November 2022 - 13:00
19. November 2022 - 13:00
19. November 2022 - 15:00

CUMULUS: hljóð- og myndverk

Event location: 

 An audio-visual performance/installation performed during Reykjavík Dance Festival. Tickets  are available HERE. The performance takes place outdoors and takes about 1 hour. The starting point is inside of the entrance of Kjarvalstaðir Museum. Please dress warm and according to the weather


Figures of the elusive 

Politics of the sky

A performance by Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir & Claudia Lomoschitz Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir & Claudia Lomoschitz.

cloud becomes a

mountain becomes a 


The climate’s culmination in the shapes of clouds, cohabitating the atmosphere and influencing - what we call - public space is a sensitive and complex feedback system under the threat of a warming climate. CUMULUS opens up practices of acknowledging the sky, creating moments of bonding with the surrounding environment that is our shared cohabitation. Within the audio-visual performance, Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir and Claudia Lomoschitz invite participants to witness movements, choreographies and politics of the sky through a feminist lens. 

* Kobayashi Issa, Shichiban nikki, Seventh Diary, 1816.

Performance by Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir & Claudia Lomoschitz 
Sound design and composition: Manuel Riegler 
Sound contributions: Lan Rex, Ernst Lima
Audio composition and editing: Claudia Lomoschitz
Book design: Julia Müllner 
Outside eye: Lisa Jäger, Mael Blau 
Thanks to Asher O'Gorman, Costas Kekis, Sebastian Scholz, Sebastian Doplbaur and Þóra Hjörleifsdóttir and Reykjavík Art Museum. 

A co-production by brut Wien and Reykjavik Dance Festival. With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Civil Service and Sport and the Icelandic Performance Art Fund. Supported by Medienfrische residency. Thanks to Kjarvalstaðir.