2. March 2017 - 20:00

Bout: Q&A - Magnús Pálsson and Erling Klingenberg with the Nýló Choir

Erling Klingenberg and Magnús Pálsson
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During the exhibition there will be regular artist talks, delving into the making of the works, their subject and production. The works will be reviewed in light of the artists'  oeuvre and the development of video art. Edda Halldórsdóttir, Collections and Research Project Manager and Markús Þór Andrésson, Head of Exhibitions and Education, will speak with the artists and guests are welcome to contribute.

After the talk The Nýlo Choir (The Icelandic Sound Poetry Choir) with conductor Atli Ingolfson will perform a typewriter performance by Magnus Palsson.

The talk will take place in Icelandic. Free with admission.

Magnús Pálsson (1929) Talk Preceding Eye Talk (1986) Eye Talk (1990) Eye Talk II (1998)
Magnús’ trilogy is built up in a similar way each time; the artist’s voice takes precedent, and he performs the text himself on screen. There is always an absurd element present that makes the narrative strange, while it also somehow seems to be quite random. In the first one, Magnús takes on the role of a man who uses snuff tobacco excessively, disrupting the narrative. In the second part his face is obscured, with only his neck visible in front of a recording from the sewage system. Finally, he positions himself up against a woman’s breasts and she helps him with the narrative. None of the videos are compositions or edited in any way, they flow at an easy pace without any linear progression or context.

Erling Klingenberg (1970) Tumble (2004)
Like in so many of Erling’s works, here he tackles questions regarding the role of the artists, and the nature and value of the artist’s works. The video, initially premiered in Ásmundarsafn, was filmed in a moving van at high speed. It shows the artist with a skin coloured facial mask, a mold of his own face, that not only obscures both personal characteristics and expressions but also renders him temporarily blind. He tries hard to get around in the hold in front of the camera but constantly loses balance and gets thrown to and fro when the vehicle takes off, suddenly brakes, turns, and bumps along.

The Nýlo Choir (The Icelandic Sound Poetry Choir) was established in 2003. The choir specializes in rhythmical speaking an performs sound poetry, often with theatrical emphasis. The choir has performed on various occasions, such as at art shows, events and festivals, for example the Reykjavík Arts Festival Tectonics and the Sequences Real-Time Art Festival. The choir has performed many works by Magnús Pálsson, most recently his "Stuna", "Taðskegglingar" and "Freyskatla". 


Free entrance with a museum ticket and for holders of Annual Pass/Culture Pass.