1. January 2022 - 0:00 to 5. January 2022 - 0:00

Billboard Advertising Break

Billboard Advertising Break
Event location: 
350 screens in City of Reykjavík

Billboard, which operates advertising screens in bus stops and at intersections in Reykjavík, is holding an open competition for works of art in public spaces in collaboration with Y gallery and Reykjavík Art Museum. Throughout the period 1-5. January 2022 there will be a commercial break on over 350 Billboard screens throughout the city of Reykjavík. This time will be dedicated to an exhibition of a new work by an artist who will be chosen from among the applicants.

The artist will receive ISK 1,000,000 for the work, which will be donated to Reykjavík Art Museum's collection after the exhibition. At the same time, the aim is for the work to remain visible in public spaces in the city after the exhibition period.
The work will be shown on over 350 screens throughout the city, both screens in bus stops and large screens (6x4m) on the streets.

A jury composed of representatives from Y gallery, Reykjavík Art Museum, Billboard and SÍM will review the submitted proposals and announce its selection in mid-October.

The project is a great platform for artists to present their work in a public space. It is intended to illuminate the short day and give residents the opportunity to enjoy art throughout the city.

Information about the competition and a form can be found HERE