26. August 2021 - 20:00

Artists Talk: Eternal Recurrence

Einar Garibaldi Eiríksson og Eggert Pétursson
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Artists talk with Eggert Pétursson and Einar Garibaldi Eiríksson, who have works in the exhibition Eternal Recurrence. In Icelandic.

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In this extensive exhibition, the works of Jóhannes S. Kjarval (1885-1972) create a thread which connects different periods in time. His art is displayed along with the works of artists who have been prominent on the Icelandic art scene in recent years. Kjarval’s most common and beloved subject was Icelandic nature and landscape, but he also painted many portraits and fantasy images where creatures and figures emerge, and various nature phenomena are personified. The artworks on display here are created in diverse media, expressing different approaches to these subjects.

Eggert Pétursson´s early works were experimental and inspired by conceptual art, but since the late 1980s Eggert has become known for paintings that draw inspiration from the plant kingdom. Eggert illustrated Ágúst H. Bjarnason's field guide Icelandic Flora, first published in 1983, and later in 2008 as a special edition. He has held many solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. In 2007 Reykjavík Art Museum held a large exhibition of his work at Kjarvalsstaðir, and in 2016 another large exhibition of Eggert's work was held in Pori Art Museum in Finland. Eggert studied at the Icelandic College of Art and Crafts (now Iceland University of the Arts) and the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, Holland.

Einar Garibaldi Eiríksson has worked with Kjarval’s symbolism as intuition, and has respectfully used his own view and process to define the position of the pioneering artist in the minds of younger generations in art. His works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, alongside his active work as a curator. Einar Garibaldi was born in Ísafjörður in 1964. He graduated from the Icelandic College of Art and Crafts (now Iceland University of the Arts) in 1984 and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Mílanó, Italy in 1991.