30. June 2022 - 20:00

Artist Talk: Stitches and Threads

Artist Talk: Stitches and Threads
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Artist Eirún Sigurðardóttir will talk about her work on the exhibition Stitches and Threads at Kjarvalsstaðir on Thursday, June 30th at 20h00.

The Artist Talk will be on Good Thursday and therefore no entrance fee at Kjarvalsstaðir and Hafnarhús from 17-22h00.

In Icelandic. Registration HERE

Stitches and Threads is an exhibition of works by contemporary Icelandic artists who embroider or make use of the needle and thread as a tool in their art.

The sewing needle has long been a popular tool for art creation and decoration. Mainly by the hands of women who have sought to maintain traditional craft, along with the urge to develop new and creative ways to work with needle and thread. Embroidery, alongside carving, were by far the most common media for artists in Iceland during the 20th Century. Temporarily set aside for other techniques, it was renewed as part of the feminist revolution of the eighties and in the development of feminist art. Today we see even more diverse signs of the return to embroidery within the field of art, not only in Iceland, but internationally in contemporary art. What sparks this increased interest and visibility? What motivates contemporary artists to take to the needle in making their work?

Number of museums and exhibition spaces in Reykjavik city center offer extended opening hours on Good Thursday – the last Thursday of the month. 

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