16. January 2022 - 14:00

Artist Talk: Openings

Artist Talk: Openings
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Baldvin Einarsson talks about his exhibition Openings in Gallery D at Hafnarhús. In Icelandic.

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All regulations on gathering restrictions and infection control are in place.

ned the exhibition space inside out. Within the walls are openings that resemble ornate letter boxes, however they do not serve their assumed function. Letter boxes are passageways of information between the private and the public realm, and the artist places his artwork outside within the walls of the museum. The sculptural reliefs around the openings are frames around the void between the visible outer, and the invisible and inscrutable inner.

The viewer is encouraged to step into a space of choices. There they have the option to pair with one or more statements. They are presented with an opportunity to find themselves in the exhibition, to rediscover identities lost to them or even choose a new path in life. Or do they? Is everything predestined and choice is merely an illusion?

Baldvin Einarsson was born in 1985 in Iceland, and lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. He received a BA in visual art from Iceland University of the Arts in 2011 and an MA in 2013 from The Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp. Baldvin was one of the founders and organisers of the artist-run exhibition spaces Kunstschlager in Reykjavík and ABC Klubhuis in Antwerp. Baldvin has exhibited in various places around Iceland, including Harbinger, Kling&Bang, Reykjavík Art Museum, LÁ Art Museum andHafnarborg, and in various galleries across Europe, most notably in Belgium.

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